Au cœur des travaux TSO

Au cœur des travaux TSO

Reportage réalisé au fil de la construction d’une Ligne à Grande Vitesse (LGV), tronçon Tours / Bordeaux. L’objectif était de présenter toutes les étapes nécessaires à la création des voies ferrées, depuis la pose de voie temporaire jusqu’au ballastage. Projet complexe à caler, notamment pour s’inclure dans un programme au timing serré, le tout dans de fortes contraintes techniques, industrielles et météorologiques.

L’Austra – Urban Beach

An australian restaurant & bar at Bordeaux, just next to the Garonne, with an inside pool to get a drink in and a CROCODILE …, are you interested?!?
Pay attention to that special place, it took a while in post production to mix a lot of pictures and grab, in one single scene, the mists and 3D lightings around the bar!


Makila Kafé & Café Maritime at Bordeaux

Château Pape Clément

Here’s a nice tour I made at Château Pape Clément, one of the oldest Grands Crus of Bordeaux. You can pay attention to pictures images details showing some hidden parts of the scenes, especially in the vault/cellar room. The geolocalization can be displayed by clicking the earth button.

Bed & Breakfast – Bedroom


A cosy bedroom in a luxury “bed and breakfast” place at Bordeaux, nothing really special, except that “magic mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all?”…


Yep, hard stuff to magically making disappear the camera and its base!


In the case you’re watching the panoramic view on a mobile device featuring a gyroscope, then turn all around to see all the parts of the visit, enjoy!

Cockpit – Microlight plane

We’re taking place in a super tiny flight deck of a 3-axis aircraft. One more time in that case the tricky part of the job is to fit in the SLR camera + tripod (the lens was only few centimeters far from the top pipes) and to clean the shadows and above all the stitching geometry problems. I used the cool “little planet / fisheye” option in the viewer, which fits quite well to this kind of scene, but you can change the presets (to a normal view) by using right click of the mouse, or a couple of seconds touch with fingertips in touchscreen devices.

The Fountain of Warsaw – Paris

There’s a gap of only half an hour between those two panoramas, but what a change! In one case we’ve got a sunny calm place at the Gardens of the Trocadéro, and in the second, the arrival of both stormy weather and 20 noisy powerful water cannons spreading water over 50 meters!

Crocodile – Garden City hall – Bordeaux

During the special event “Sculptures in the City”, the artist Guillaume Renou exposed his work of art “Crocodile”. It seems to hug the sky in the secret purpose to eat the sun, isn’t it?

Natural landscapes – Biscarrosse

plage-bisca-preview Some beautiful places at Biscarrosse, France. The second panorama of the visit was quite tricky to shoot and to stitch in postproduction. A moving ground, in that case a small boat, is the perfect enemy in putting together the front and the background of the landscape. Making disappear the camera’s tripod and the shadows was a huge challenge too!

Pey-Berland tower


Here’s a unique view of the rooftops of Bordeaux overlooking the cathedral, shot from the second terrace (49 meters in height).  I photographed this panorama before the installation of netting fall, thrill guaranteed!